Cold Reading Techniques: Avoiding Psychic Scam

Cold reading could be a good technique by most people to persuade a complete stranger to believe on what are apparently bogus predictions. In fact, even the greatest magicians of the world and media skeptics frequently submit cold reading as the reason why a lot of false psychics claim themselves to be more accurate than they really are.

So what do we mean of cold reading?

It is kind of a procedure in which the person seeking an answer from the reading is convinced of a reader’s apparent psychic talent by exposing their problems and personality. It’s been said that the effectiveness of cold reading is being carried out by delivering a readily prepared script of information which usually came from the latest surveys and stereotypes. This generalized information or statements of high probability are disguised appearing as if it came from extrasensory means.


In addition, the primary component to cold reading is the information provided using the hints that the reader may obtain from the client. Think for example of a cold reader who usually make an observation on the client’s physique, they way they dress, their body language as well as the client’s reaction to certain question. The dramatic approach on how this information is provided helps to persuade the client to believe on their accuracy.

Aside from those tips discussed above, some cold reader may also implement the following reading techniques to further convince their clients.

  • Trying to dramatize as a way to deliver the reading to the client.
  • Pretending to show great confidence on the supposed talent of the reader.
  • Employing some gimmicks.
  • Staging or the reader is trying to claim humility in their reading
  • Questioning technique or also known as fishing.

It appears that some of the above techniques are self-explanatory and so let’s just stressed further the two common methods, namely staging and fishing techniques.

Staging Technique

Staging seemed to be popular even to the most credible psychics. This technique is very simple to implement since the reader will just show a little modesty on their talents. This way the listener is made to believe that the reader possess great amount of abilities to answer all their questions.

Fishing Technique

The fishing technique is probably the most common that the cold reader uses in their reading. This is kind of soliciting information by way of asking questions to the client to be able to gain important information. It should be noted though that to have an effective cold reading, the reader should feedback certain information towards the clients based on what the reader see and not just making direct questioning.

In summary, cold reading depends greatly on certain clues and hints provided by the clients. It simply becomes an alternative explanation to deliver result for psychic readings. It is therefore not considered a reputable or credible reading which should only be performed by the gifted or real psychic medium.

If you want to get authentic psychic readings either online or face to face with a psychic, makes sure you are equipped with adequate understanding on how to determine a real psychic from a fake one. Psychic readings can be truly fulfilling if and only performed by true gifted individual.