Types of Psychic Readings To Consider

accurate-psychicsPsychic readings are done by people who have the gift of clairvoyance. This is the heightened ability of perception or extended abilities of the senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and instinct. The psychic reader can do the readings by sight or sound which means it can be in person or even over the telephone. Many consider this to be paranormal or pseudoscience. The readings have always been controversial since the psychic charges a fee when the reading is done.

There are several types of psychic readings that are practiced.


The use of tarot cards for psychic readings is very common and popular. The person doing the reading doesn’t need to have any psychic ability at all. Tarot cards can be purchased in many places, and the reader simply has to pull cards from the deck and just tell the customer what they mean.

Cartomancy, which is simply the use of regular playing cards, is another form of fortune telling. Sometimes Tarot cards are considered to be cartomancy.


Using astrology and horoscopes for a reading is also quite common. These forms uses the stars and planets to predict what our lives have in store for us. It depends on the day and time when you were born to tell what the future holds.


Palm reading goes back a long time and will probably still be used far into the future. It is the study of shapes, wrinkles, lines and curves on the palm to foresee the future.


Using a person’s personal physical objects to do a reading is psychometry. These objects could be car keys, rings, glasses or many other items used in every day life. The objects are said to hold a person’s energy which will be able to predict the future. This form can also be used to find missing persons.


There are many psychics who believe that the study of numbers can show how they influence a person’s life. The numbers can be derived by the letters in the person’s name or by their date of birth.


The most recognized form of a psychic reading involves a crystal ball. Quartz is used as a crystal ball and this form of reading is crystallomancy.

A reading that use stones or gems immersed in water or tossed together and read is called lithomancy. Many cultures around the world use this method of psychic reading.


Every person is said to have an auto surrounding him. This aura is supposed to be a subtle and luminous radiation that could be a different color for each person. Psychics claim that they are the only ones that can actually see the aura around a person. They call the aura a bioelectromagnetic field with each color having a different meaning.


A widely used form of psychic readings is telephone readings. The distant readings have also been done by using email, chat or by a webcam.

Following Your Intuition One Psychic Reading At A Time

It was strongly suggested to me by a dear friend that I should visit a psychic. At first, I was very skeptical because I have heard a mixture of good and bad reviews from people who have been to a psychic reading in the past. However, I have always been one to take the initiative and explore new ideas by myself. In this sense, I wanted to make my own decision about psychic readings.

How Do You Choose?

My first question was to determine which fortune teller I should go to. Doing a quick Google search nearly overwhelmed me. I live in San Francisco, so the prospects of finding a noteworthy psychic were very high. In fact, there were hundreds of psychics to choose from. Unable to choose from the list of choices, I asked my friend Betsy to recommend a psychic to me. I took her suggestion and called to book my first psychic reading.

Going To The Fortune Teller

It was raining outside and I was getting ready to leave the house for my first psychic appointment. I was feeling an immensity of different emotions. I was feeling particularly curious, scared and hopeful. Thirty minutes later, I was walking into a room that was calm and peaceful. The psychic was very kind and warm to me. Immediately, I felt at home as well as at ease in this completely different environment. I noticed the psychic had candles lit and dim lamps, which permeated her studio apartment.


What I Learned At My First Psychic Reading

After sitting and talking for a few minutes, my psychic began to reveal information about me that seemed highly accurate and intuitive. She could discern that I was feeling certain emotions that were linked to my job and my family. In this way, I was feeling slightly exposed and shocked. In fact, I was deeply impressed by the psychic’s ability to unravel certain obscurities that imbued my life.

Recurring Visits

Typically, I find traditional therapy sessions cold and unenlightening. Therefore, I naturally felt at ease in the cool and rich experience of a psychic reading. To be more specific, a psychic reading is not scary or dark. On the contrary, you are in a room with another sensitive human being. You are engaged in a conversation or dialogue that is very inspiring and revealing. In this unconventional setting, I felt at ease.

My Continued Passion

I have been going to psychic readings for the past seven years. As you can see, I thoroughly enjoy each visit.  With each visit, there is something new to learn and behold. I love this state of learning and feeling inspired. Therefore, I would highly recommend you experiment with a psychic reading. It would go a long way to say that you should not have supremely high expectations. In conclusion, you may not get a string of winning lottery numbers, but you may learn a great deal about yourself and how to live a happier life.

Cold Reading Techniques:  Avoiding Psychic Scam

Cold Reading Techniques: Avoiding Psychic Scam

Cold reading could be a good technique by most people to persuade a complete stranger to believe on what are apparently bogus predictions. In fact, even the greatest magicians of the world and media skeptics frequently submit cold reading as the reason why a lot of false psychics claim themselves to be more accurate than they really are.

So what do we mean of cold reading?

It is kind of a procedure in which the person seeking an answer from the reading is convinced of a reader’s apparent psychic talent by exposing their problems and personality. It’s been said that the effectiveness of cold reading is being carried out by delivering a readily prepared script of information which usually came from the latest surveys and stereotypes. This generalized information or statements of high probability are disguised appearing as if it came from extrasensory means.


In addition, the primary component to cold reading is the information provided using the hints that the reader may obtain from the client. Think for example of a cold reader who usually make an observation on the client’s physique, they way they dress, their body language as well as the client’s reaction to certain question. The dramatic approach on how this information is provided helps to persuade the client to believe on their accuracy.

Aside from those tips discussed above, some cold reader may also implement the following reading techniques to further convince their clients.

  • Trying to dramatize as a way to deliver the reading to the client.
  • Pretending to show great confidence on the supposed talent of the reader.
  • Employing some gimmicks.
  • Staging or the reader is trying to claim humility in their reading
  • Questioning technique or also known as fishing.

It appears that some of the above techniques are self-explanatory and so let’s just stressed further the two common methods, namely staging and fishing techniques.

Staging Technique

Staging seemed to be popular even to the most credible psychics. This technique is very simple to implement since the reader will just show a little modesty on their talents. This way the listener is made to believe that the reader possess great amount of abilities to answer all their questions.

Fishing Technique

The fishing technique is probably the most common that the cold reader uses in their reading. This is kind of soliciting information by way of asking questions to the client to be able to gain important information. It should be noted though that to have an effective cold reading, the reader should feedback certain information towards the clients based on what the reader see and not just making direct questioning.

In summary, cold reading depends greatly on certain clues and hints provided by the clients. It simply becomes an alternative explanation to deliver result for psychic readings. It is therefore not considered a reputable or credible reading which should only be performed by the gifted or real psychic medium.

If you want to get authentic psychic readings either online or face to face with a psychic, makes sure you are equipped with adequate understanding on how to determine a real psychic from a fake one. Psychic readings can be truly fulfilling if and only performed by true gifted individual.

Is There Genuine Phone Psychic Readings? Find out Here!

Is There Genuine Phone Psychic Readings? Find out Here!

Did you know that psychic readings when performed by a real psychic can be a life-fulfilling experience? Though no matter how fascinating and sometimes stunning the experiences are, you still have questions that remain unresolved and want to get specific answer.

How is it possible for a psychic to know some of the most discreet information of a complete stranger?

Well, this is something to do with real psychic and authentic psychic readings. Real psychic abilities can be acquired inborn or there are those that can be obtained through constant practice. Authentic readings on the other hand are credible predictions performed by real psychics. Moreover, it is vital to understand though that the medium need not have to perform the readings in person. In fact, when readings are remotely performed the more likely that the psychic can give more accurate results. Why is this so? This is what we are going to find out here…so continue reading.


When psychic readings are performed via telephone, the psychic medium will start off tuning into your energy. He can actually focus on the two types of energy while the telephone reading is taking place, which are the energy coming from your voice and the energy of aura.

Readings through the Different Types of Energy

 Voice Energy

The natural science explained that the world we are in is a whole field of energy. Energy is all around us and that every living being is made from this energy. This is definitely a scientific fact. The voice is the vibration of energy, so when we have a phone reading a real psychic can tune into that energy of your voice. It is through the vibration of your voice that the psychic will know and start to gather a lot of things about you.

Your voice can send energy signal or some kind of impressions, mental pictures or psychic visions and even the names of the people who have come across in your life. A psychic with great abilities is able to translate these energy vibrations into information that pertains to your life.

Aura Energy

  • Another thing that a psychic look into is the aura energy that completely revolve around your entire body. This energy of your aura comprises all of your thoughts, emotions and feelings which are being projected into. So when a real psychic performs the readings he can actually sense all your emotions and read on what’s being transmitted. This is similar to interpreting the vibration of your voice. What differs when a psychic reads the energy of your aura is that they’re using their third eye or the so called “psychic eye”.


Genuine psychic readings could be very powerful and life-changing experience. When you’ve got it yourself, you will come to realize the power and guidance is incomparable. It is because a real psychic medium is able to make use of his gifted talent to guide you and offer solutions for some issues you may encounter in your life right now. Psychic readings when legitimately performed could be a powerful tool in your quest to spiritual and emotional development and even self-discovery.

Distinction of the Different Types of Psychic Medium

Distinction of the Different Types of Psychic Medium

Though psychics or mediums can communicate or connect with the spirit realm, this does not follow that they do the same thing. Psychics differ in their abilities and speaking with the talents that psychics have, they are categorized into two types namely: a physical medium and a mental medium.

Physical psychics possess that ability to connect with the spirits. Sometimes it is by way of telekinesis or audible sounds that the spirit communicates with the psychic medium. What’s the real thing here is that both the psychic and the person present in the reading can also feel what’s happening. Figures or objects that the spirits want to portray are visible to their human eye as well as the voice are audible to hear. Often, the psychic medium of this type will perform the reading in private to have a more serious feel of the session.

On the other hand, it is through the minds of the mental psychic (hence the name of mental psychic) rather than physical acts or the use of their bodies that they are able to come in contact with the spiritual world. Through this connection they are able to see, hear and even feel the presence of the spirits. The person or persons who are with the psychic cannot experience the same (hear or see the spirits) as with the mental psychic. All they have to do is channel to the psychic medium the things they want to communicate to.

Different Types of Mental Psychic Medium


This type of mental medium is able to see in their mind the spirit, scenes, colors and even symbols. Most people who possess this ability will usually receive small flashes of certain images that flicker in their mind and usually come with a feeling using the other senses. For example, they can see a number image of a house and feel that it is associated with happiness. From these things they will come to know that the house is having a happy time probably the family that dwells in it.


These are psychic medium that can sense and feel the thoughts or emotions of the spirits. This is actually what we call the sixth sense which every person has from the time they were born. Though clairsentience doesn’t have a wider coverage as clairvoyance this is still a great talent for communicating the spirit world.


This is the third type of psychic medium that people with this ability are able to hear on what the spirits are saying. They also have the ability to hear sounds or voices from the communications around the spiritual realm.  It is to note that clairaudients uses their mind rather than their physical ear. While most psychic mediums do not have this type of ability, there are also those who may have possessed more than one ability.

You can find credible mental psychic mediums in the internet considering that the abilities of these people are based on what they see and perceived by their mind. Contrary to physical medium that requires the connection to be physical; having their services online has become futile.

Free Love Psychic Online

Not all of the psychic readers online guarantee good results. But you can always try to consult a free love psychic online even if you don’t like its reading and outcome. Genuine psychics are experts in their fields and will give you great love advice when you need it.

It’s All about Understanding your Relationships Better

Relationships and love are one of the most popular subjects that people engage in and it’s one of the major reasons why they opt to consult a psychic reading. In a hassle and hurried world, people have no time to endlessly wait for true love to come their way. Love psychic readings will give you insights into your love life and the status of your relationships.

Free Love Psychic Online

If you are looking for that ideal partner in life, then you need something that can help you in that search. Psychic readers can help you find a committed partner and probably avoid heartbreak.

It’s Only Natural to be Skeptical

But a lot of people are still wondering whether these readings really work and whether they can really affect people’s love lives. These suspicions are understandable as there are a lot of fake psychics out there who deceive people and scam for money. But you must know that genuine psychics often provide free psychic readings and are more interested in solving your problem than getting your money.

Free Psychic Readings are Safer

A lot of people believe that paid services imply better service. They think that paying a psychic will guarantee reliability but this is also where scamming could take place. With free psychic reading, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. If you want to answer important questions about your relationships and he pays a psychic for advice, you won’t be able to retrieve your money the moment you discover that it is all just a sham.

Contrary to that, if you want to answer an important question about your relationships, you can easily opt for psychic readers that provide love readings for free, spend half an hour sitting on the table, and feel comfortable knowing that you don’t have to pay for an advice which you feel so confident about. And the more you opt for these advices, the more you develop trust and confidence with the reader.

Free Love Psychic Online

Tarots, numerology, and other tools used in psychic readings are a convenient way of assessing your relationship status. You can surf the internet any time and ask the advice of a psychic reader for free and discover new things about your relationship status that you haven’t seen before.

Is a Psychic Love Doctor for Real?

Are you one of the millions of people out there who are struggling in a relationship? Don’t you have any idea on what you are going to do with your love life? Do you want to know if there’s a soul mate out there waiting for you? If you are, then you are not alone. Thousands of individuals consult a psychic love doctor with the goal of enhancing their love lives.

What a Love Doctor Is

Is a Psychic Love Doctor for Real?

A psychic love doctor is just as their nametags imply. They are psychic readers who specialize in looking through a person’s emotional energy and help them with their relationships or love lives. They use their natural gift of insight, emotional empathy, and sensitivity towards conveying what others see in order to come up with a solution of a person’s love life problems. The best readers are really just normal people with extraordinary abilities to guide and help people in their own way.

What Relationship Psychics Can Do

Is a Psychic Love Doctor for Real?

Relationship psychics can go through a lot of readings. And each psychic has own unique skill set. Readings may vary from different readers, although many of them are the same in some sense. They are good at what they do and they always try and find ways of understanding what you are going through. And they try to guide you on how you should go through your present and future love life.

Choose a Real Love or Relationship Psychic

When opting for a love psychic, don’t just pick anybody to do the job. Research and continuity is the key. Remember that there are psychics who are not that decent and their readings may lead you to trouble instead of doing any good.  Find a psychic who has at least 5 years of experience in the area. Look for good customer service, reviews and guarantees.

Love Psychology Test

It may be just a natural thing but men have the tendency to complicate things when it comes to love. They can be overwhelming in terms of expressing how they feel. If want to know whether or not a guy has fallen for you or not, then you must try applying this love psychology test.

You seem to be His Shining Star

Take a closer look at him. If you notice that he always talks about you or include you in his conversations with friends and colleagues, then it can be that he is interested in you. It will be more apparent if he says nice things about you. Even though he doesn’t say it directly to you, you can say that he has fallen in-love with you.

Furtive Glances

Whenever you go together in some gathering and you catch him throwing glances at you from time to time while pretending not to notice your presence, then you can assume that he has fallen for you.

Coincidences May Not be Coincidences at All

Love Psychology Test

Think of all those times you have accidentally run into him. You probably notice that they have been suspiciously more frequent than the usual. If you think these encounters have dramatically increased in frequency, then it is obvious that he is just trying to be with you. It is safe to say that he likes you.

He’s Doing Everything to Impress You

Men always want to appear intelligent and literate. It is only natural for them to impress the females. He doesn’t miss mentioning his good traits in front of you. He started reciting poetic lines in front of you. He always talks about novels he read and authors he likes. Then he must be interested in you.

These tests here have been proven to be true from a psychological standpoint. And many women have already tried to apply these tests to see whether a guy has fallen in love with them or not. If you ever find a guy doing all these things for you, then it should be obvious that he likes you.

Find Your Soul Mate with Love Psychics

If you believe in true love and destiny, then this is your chance to seize destiny by the hand and change your life forever. This section will give you a quick look on how you can find your soul mate with love psychics. It’s as interesting and true as it sounds.

The Soul Mate

Some people are skeptical about it but many people believe in soul mates. A soul mate is someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life with love and happiness. People who are truly in love would have a happy and lasting relationship. A lot of people are not happy with their relationships and often wish that they can escape from it all.

But those who found a soul mate, that one true love, will often find themselves indulged in a happy and lasting relationship. It doesn’t even matter much if they’re rich or poor because they feel satisfied with the fact that they have found the right person.

How can Love Psychics Change your Love Life

Find Your Soul Mate with Love Psychics

A soul mate is somebody who is destined for you and he or she is someone who is yet to be discovered. Your soul mate is someone who can give you true love and share a compatible relationship with you. Psychics don’t predict the future and the choice is still up to you. But, they are good in uncovering your romantic destiny and guiding you in your search for true love.

The psychics won’t tell you where you will find your soul mate and when. But they can help you in getting a clearer picture of what you are looking for and how you want your love life to end up.

It’s all About Love

Love is worth your time and effort. If you want to have a better and healthier love life, then you need to explore more about yourself and relationships. A psychic is one of those people who can help you in that exploration.

The Exciting World of Love Psychic Reading

Love has always been an exciting topic. And a lot of people consult love psychic reading, hoping to find true love. These advices are actually the most demanded among different types of psychic readings.

The Exciting World of Love Psychic Reading

People are indeed opting for these readings with the hope of finding the love of their lives. But do these readings really help you find love? Can these readings lead a person to happy and wonderful life?

To begin with, it would help you to know which aspects of your love life these readings can help you with. These are some of these aspects:

Many people who opt to consult love psychic readings do so because they want to know anything about their soul mates. Love psychics have been known to help individuals find their soul mate. Love psychics will give you hints to help you find the soul mate you are looking for and how to take that person in a place where two roads meet.

Psychic love reading is not only for those that are looking for their soul mates or love partners, but they are also great for those who are having problems in their present relationships. They can help individuals understand their relationship problems to see them at a better perspective, so that they will find the solutions to such problems.

Love readings will help you make wiser decisions when it comes to dealing with your relationship and love life. The guidance of a psychic can take your love life into a smoother path. Most individuals just don’t know what to do with their love lives, and a psychic reading session can change that.

Some people say that many of the successes which sprung out from these readings are due to coincidence not fate. But there is a thin line between coincidence and fate and a love psychic reader is standing of that line.